Amanda | New York

I have always been fascinated with every type of fish. As a child, I kept a betta and a guppy side by side in their tanks, and their friendly interactions and emotional reliance on each other intrigued me and inspired me to eventually keep more fish. Later, I went on two cruises with my family, and seeing the ocean firsthand for so long was amazing to me. At the age of 15, I earned my SCUBA certification. Being able to explore the ocean further convinced me of my passion to save it and its awe-inspiring inhabitants. Now, I have multiple tanks, all containing happy and healthy fish, and someday I hope to study marine biology in college.

Madi | Florida 

I've loved the ocean since I was little. My family called me a "water baby," because even a puddle could excite me. I want to study marine zoology when I grow up, and I am thankful to now live only a few minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. I love animals and nature, and being outside makes me happy and full of energy. My mom works at Mote Marine Aquarium now, so I hope to intern and work there sometime. I spend my days painting, listening to music and researching anything I come across. 

Tanya | Florida 

Since I was a young girl, I've always had a great fascination for the ocean. Living in South Florida has given me a huge advantage. I'm lucky to call the Indian River Lagood and Atlantic Ocean my backyard. I remember that feeling of excitement every time my mother would tell us we were going to the beach. It was my absolute favorite place to go, and still is. The first time I went snorkeling is is exactly when I became absolutely fascinated with the ocean and all its living inhabitants. I'll never forget that feeling of pure serenity as I sank beneath the surface and observed all the beautiful fish swimming around me. Since then, I have remained adamant that it is my calling to use my once very small hands to assist in very big things happening in our environment. I am now attending the University of Florida and majoring in marine science. 


Perks of becoming a Big Blue & You Advisory Council member:

  • Learn cooperative leadership skills
  • Digitally connect with other YEB and Advisory Council members 
  • Build friendships that could last a lifetime!
  • Collaborate with other like-minded young people
  • Create new opportunities to inspire others to love the ocean 
  • Build your resume and/or college application (considered extracurricular activity) 
  • Letter of Recommendation from BB&Y staff member at completion of service 
  • #TeamBigBlue Starter Package! (includes custom BB&Y t-shirt, personalized certificate, #TeamBigBlue membership card and stickers)
  • Participate in at least 1 Big Blue & You service project (i.e. beach clean-up, waterway clean-up, rally, mural painting)

Requirements to participate:

  • Must be currently enrolled in high school or college courses while serving on the Advisory Council
  • Commit to 1 full calendar year of active service 
  • Attend monthly conference calls with BB&Y Staff and other YEB members 
  • Serve on at least one YEB designated committee
  • If under 18 years old, must have parent/guardian permission to participate